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Interested in our rescue dogs? The process of adopting a dog from us is simple.

  1. Browse our Adoptable Dogs list.
  2. If you see one you’re interested in, click the button to apply for that dog.
  3. We will process your application.
  4. After you are approved, we will schedule a time for you and the dog to meet each other!
  5. In the event that you don’t choose the dog after all, you will still be an approved adopter and able to schedule other Meet & Greet sessions.
Our rescue is an all (unpaid) volunteer organization. For each application we receive it takes us approximately 3 hours to review, contact all personal and veterinary references, and make a decision on approval of it. Depending upon volunteer availability, this can take us several days to accomplish, especially when we receive many applications or if we have difficulties reaching references. Your patience is appreciated! If you don't see a dog that you are interested in right now, feel free to fill out an application and get pre-approved to reduce your wait time when you do see a dog you like.


Hope is a wonderful girl who is 10 years young. We say young because despite her double digit age she still has plenty of energy left. Hope was actually considered hospice for a few years due to issues in her back legs. See both her back legs had old ligament tears and since both back legs were torn, surgery wasn’t a viable option. So we made her hospice thinking that her legs were going to be a big issue. Turns out we were wrong! Her back legs do bother her at times but some pain meds and rest and she’s back to her active self in no time. She just saw the vet again and she’s still quite healthy other than the old tears in her legs. So we’ve decided to try and find her a home of her own. Hope is a medium sized girl and weighs 30 lbs. She is a boston terrier mix with a wonderful disposition. She loves people and other dogs. She doesn’t even mind the cats!! Hope loves to chew on bones, check out all the smells in the yard, and snuggling on the couch. She can be a bit of a toy hoarder, so if you see all the dog toys are missing it’s likely she’s gathered them up in some secret spot. Hope is house trained and crate trained or she can be left loose while you are gone. She will bark to let you know a new dog or person has arrived, but otherwise is quiet. This girl loves to go exploring the neighborhood on walks or in car rides. She has used a wheelchair in the past for long walks but doesn’t need it for short walks or just hanging out at home. Hope is an amazing girl looking for a home that will shower her with love and treats. We do think that a home with children 12 and above would best since her legs do hurt sometimes. Hope will also need a home with no steps or very little steps to make life easier for her to get around. If you think you can give Hope the family she’s looking for please apply at Hope’s adoption fee is $50. She is spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, dewormed, flea treated, microchipped, and heartworm tested negative.

Adoption fee: $50


Hello, my name is Ridley. I wanted to hop on here and tell you a little about myself. I am a good pupper searching for a fam. My foster mom says I am really special, fren! I don’t mean to brag but I am pretty heckin smart and have already learned a bunch of human words like sit, shake, down and come. I also do great in a crate (ope that rhymed!) and if you put my favorite soft bed in there and give me one of those kong things with the peanut butter, that is pure joy for me! I like the belly rubs and I give kisses to say thank you! I love to play with balls! Haha bamboozled! I mean the ones you kick around outside. Don’t be obscene, fren! Oh and one thing about me is I need a 6 ft fence cause I do not like to be contained by lame boundaries! I am 5 years old and weigh 45 pounds, do not judge me, punk! My official breed is a doggo but some humans call me an American Staffordshire Terrier. Alrighty, that about wraps it up! Feel free to slide into my DMs to find out more or you can apply to adopt me at My adoption fee is $200 and I am vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $200

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Let me tell you about a special boy that is ready to be your best friend! Kevin is a goofy boy who is full of personality. He loves to snuggle and knows just how to clean his bowl when it is feeding time. He especially likes peanut butter in a Kong when he is resting and hotdogs when he trains! Kevin is crate trained, house trained and has lots of manners like sit, shake, down, touch and place. Kevin, who is a Staffordshire/Pit Bull Terrier mix is full of fun energy and is a smart boy. Sometimes this can lead to him to getting into all kinds of shenanigans, so his person needs to keep him exercised and mentally stimulated. He'd love someone who can run with him or get him involved in an activity like dock diving, more training, or agility. He just really likes to do cool things! Kevin may not be the best fit for a family with small children because he can be a bit of a bull in a china shop when he is excited. On the bright side, Kevin loves to please his people and wants a human who can be his leader, so he knows what is expected of him. Kevin has recently finished a training class and is currently in daycare where he gets 6 hours of training twice a week which is benefiting him greatly, especially when it comes to interacting with other dogs. He loves playing with dogs who are laid back, but you have to be committed to supervising him properly when he first is getting acquainted with a dog or his comes on too fresh like a man trying to pick up a pretty lady at the bar. If you properly and slowly introduce him to another dog, he does really well and currently plays nicely with the other dogs at doggy daycare. Kevin is 60 lbs. of love bug and is about 2 years old. Kevin has so much to give to the right family! So... if you are looking for a dog that makes little grunting noises, is constantly sticking his hind end up in the air when he plays, and you have a leadership personality... then Kevin might be the fella for you! You can apply to adopt Kevin at His adoption fee is $175 and he is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $175

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Tabasco is a sweet affectionate boy. He is a sweetheart that loves BIG! He will constantly nudge your hands and face and will follow you all around. Tabasco loves a good empty toilet paper roll or a water bottle cap. He is a total dork and will definitely brighten your day. This handsome boy is a cuddle buddy and loves to be held and loved on. He is littler trained and matches his name perfectly as he is totally a spicy boy that will bring flavor to your life! Tabasco is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. His adoption fee is $75 and you can apply to adopt him at *** We do not adopt out siblings together due to the possibility of sibling syndrome. However... if you want to adopt two kittens at once, we have plenty of other kittens up for adoption that are not related to him.***

Adoption fee: $75

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Sriracha is a kitten of endless joy! He will always bring laughter and fun to your life. This boy seriously loves all the attention he can get and will not take no for an answer. He has been known to headbutt your hand for attention. Sriracha is such a boy and loves to jump and tackle. He really would do best with another cat in the house as he and his brother love to play. He is now finally “playing” with his doggy foster brother but is still cautious around her. He loves adventure and would likely even be a good travel companion. Sriracha is sure to be the company you are looking for and he even watches movies with you. He is littler trained and matches his name perfectly as he is totally a spicy boy that brings flavor to your life! Sriracha is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. His adoption fee is $75 and you can apply to adopt him at *** We do not adopt out siblings together due to the possibility of sibling syndrome. However... if you want to adopt two kittens at once, we have plenty of other kittens up for adoption that are not related to him.***

Adoption fee: $75

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Our boy Xander here is a handsome one year old puppy who is looking for his forever home! Xander has a tongue Gene Simmons would be jealous of and he uses it to give more kisses than anyone can handle! He’s also got a knack for cuddling and being an all-around sweet boy! Xander has hit many milestones with his training! He knows sit, lay down and even goes to his crate when told (reluctantly, but hey a win is a win right?). Xander has also drastically increased skills on things like walking on a leash. He can be a tad on edge when meeting new people, and gets pretty excited to see doggy friends out and about. This isn’t too big of a deal though, because Xander redirects easily when told. Xander does well with being pampered. He will let his people trim his nails, give him baths and brush him. He even tolerates a little dress up – okay he LOVES wearing his sweaters. Xander loves to greet people with two legged hugs, so someone who can explain to him what “four on the floor” means would be great! Xander likes to have something to entertain him while he is hanging in the crate, and he will be insulted if he knows you are home and not enjoying his presence. Xander may take a little time to warm up to other dogs and he likes to play a little rough. He would do best in a home where he is either the only dog, or his doggy sibling is more submissive. Xander does very well entertaining himself, but also loves to play fetch and tug of war! Xander has lots of residual puppy energy, so he would most likely thrive in a home with a fenced in yard and active family. Since he loves to give two legged doggy hugs, he may do best in a home without elderly folks, or too young of children. Xander absolutely loves his bubbles and needs a home that will accommodate this addiction. Xander is neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Xander’s adoption fee is $225. If you think you could be the perfect home for sweet boy Xander, you can apply to adopt him at

Adoption fee: $225

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Rubi is the sweetest little lady you’ll ever meet. We guess Rubi to believed to be about an 11 year young possible boxer/beagle mix. She is looking for someone to settle down with, but don’t let her age fool you – she’s an avid squeaky toy lover! Rubi is potty trained except for the occasional accident, but hey that just comes with age for all of us. So far, she is non-destructive, so doesn’t need crated, but she definitely loves to go with her people on whatever trip they’re going on. Rubi is a good travel buddy because she loves all people she meets! Rubi is sometimes slow to warm up to other dogs and doesn’t like them in her face, but with correction quickly gets over this and gets along great with her five foster siblings. Rubi is just looking for a sweet home to return the love she has to give. If you think Rubi may be a good fit for your home, you can submit an application for her at Rubi’s adopt fee is $150 and she is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $150

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Stark is a very special boy who will need a patient, special family. He has a laundry list of medical problems, the least of which is a need to put some meat on his bones. This is due to the fact he has "mega esophagus", meaning the tube that carries food and liquid between the mouth and stomach gets larger and loses its ability to move food into the stomach. Thankfully, Stark is not showing any clinical signs of this issue, meaning he does not regurgitate his food at this point. We do however used raised bowls to feed him and have him on a low fat, prescription diet that is good for dogs with this condition. While Stark is only 2 and a half years old... and he also has what is called "myasthenia gravis", his legs are showing a lot of improvement! He has slowly been able to start walking and even running without too many problems from his back legs. Stark is a wonderful boy who has a lot to give to a family who is willing to help him learn how to best enjoy life, despite the medical issues he has. The vet would like to set the goal of being able to eventually taper off his meds, however at this point in time, we cannot say for certain whether this will happen. The vet is extremely pleased with how well he responded to the medicine and does have high hopes that he will eventually be able to be weaned off it. Stark is going to be a lot of work for his family, but promises he will do his best to make it all worth it! Once Stark is comfortable with his people he is extremely loving, yet still independent enough to not need constant attention, while preferring to be near his people. He is pretty much house trained, despite the fact that none of his legs are working wonderfully. While with his foster, he has not needed crated and has not shown destructive tendencies. Frankly, Stark sleeps on the couch at night like a lump! He’s a smart boy who has become a sit and shake pro! Stark loves other dogs and has been able to begin playing with his foster brother while his legs are learning to keep up with him! Stark gets a little too excited when getting treats sometimes (don’t we all?), but once he is told “easy” remembers that he should still have some manners. Stark doesn’t get too excited over toys, but he is starting to occasionally enjoy a good tennis ball. Stark is learning to walk on a leash, and while not animal or person reactive, is still learning basic leash manners. He is definitely a very special boy with some special needs that are totally worth the trouble. Stark is microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and heartworm negative. Because of his condition, we are going to wait until he is more stable to neuter him. Stark’s adoption fee is $150 and it will be in the contract that you must take him to be neutered at our vet in approximately 6 months to a year when he is ready. This will be schedule by us and paid for at our expense. If you think you could be the special family that Stark needs, you can submit an application for him at **Please research both myasthenia gravis and mega esophagus prior to applying for this sweet boy to ensure you understand the care he will require.**

Adoption fee: $150

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Camilla is the sweetest little kitten with the sweetest little face. She actually "baas" like a little lamb when she wants attention. While she's slightly shy, she loves to cuddle, plays with toys and sometimes likes to explore. Camilla likes other kitties and is fully litter box trained. You can apply to adopt Camilla at Her adoption fee is $75 and she's spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Adoption fee: $75

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Trixie is a happy little girl that just loves to play and play! She is absolutely adorable to watch and would love a fur friend to play with. If fact, if you want two kittens at once you can adopt from any of our other kittens that are not related at the same time. Or... she would be just as happy with a human friend to play with. Her momma kitty was very strict with her so she should be a very well behaved girl and is little box trained. Trixie is a tiny 8 week old kitten that will be spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped before adoption. Her adoption fee is $75 and you can apply for her now at ***We do not adopt out siblings together due to the possibility of sibling syndrome***

Adoption fee: $75

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Sophia is a sweet little miracle puppy. She has defied all odds and is a happy and adorable little girl that has learned to cope with her special needs in such a way she has no idea she is different. Sophia has a condition that is so rare there are very few documented cases. Sophia has a condition called Atresia Ani with Concurrent Rectovaginal Fistula. What does this mean? Well... it means Sophia was born without an anus. How is this possible? Her sphincter is connected to the top of her vagina and she passes her bowel movements through her vulva. I know... it is weird and has a bit of shock factor to it. She seems to have full and independent function of her urine and feces and holds it all night in her crate. Potty training is going really well and she should be able to be fully house trained in time with the exception of what may get trapped in her vagina after she potties outside. This seems to wiggle out on occasion. Gross... I know. But it is what it is and we want you to know just what you would be getting yourself into. Sadly, because surgery appears to be too great of a risk for her, she will continue to go potty this way and recurrent urinary tract infections are inevitable. This will be hard on her kidneys and could possibly shorten her lifespan. This sweet little girl was dealt a crappy hand. Despite that, she is so full of joy and cherishes life. She plays, she fetches, and she loves people and dogs alike. She is a master cuddle buddy and lap warmer. Sophia is so loving and constantly makes people smile. It is nearly impossible not to fall in love with her and the way she looks up at you when are holding her is sure to warm your heart. She is a typical 10 pound playful puppy that is learning socks do not belong to her, that being on a leash means she should walk beside her person, and she must be calm in order to get attention. She is full of fun and settles nicely. She shares and plays great with other playful dogs and heeds the warnings from ones that would rather not play. This cutie patootie sits for her treats and is good with kids too. She is crate trained and hardly ever complains when she has to be in one. We believe Sophia is approximately 5 months old and a Maltese/Poodle mix. She might have some unusual medical issues but she more than makes up for it with her charm. You may apply to adopt Sophia at Her adoption fee is $150 and she is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. ***She will need to be regularly monitored and treated for urinary tract infections when necessary. She may require a special diet and cranberry supplements to try to prevent infections. We have been advised that surgery would likely cause her to become incontinent and other side effects (some life threating) would be possible. We have done all the research possible and are taking the advice of our vet not to do the surgery. This has not been an easy decision but we fully believe she is happy just the way she is and will have much greater quality of life without the surgery.***

Adoption fee: $150

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Grayson is a strong, good looking boy who is 8 months old and a rather shy little guy. He doesn't ask for much, but is ready to play or have his belly rubbed almost always. He gets along great with his foster sister, Molly Brown, and many times they are found sleeping together. He does like his food, but shares because he has to! He also likes to be held for short periods of time. He is litter box trained. If you want a quiet but loving boy, he is a great choice! Grayson is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. His adoption fee is $75 and you can apply to adopt him at Adoption fee: $75

Adoption fee: $75

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Molly Brown

Molly Brown is an 8 month old sweetheart whose face could melt an army! She likes to play and have her belly rubbed and she gets along great with her foster brother, Grayson and they are often found sleeping together. Molly Brown is a shy girl, but she does like to be held for short periods of time. She is litter box trained. Molly Brown is an absolute doll and is perfect for a home where she will receive and give lots of love. Molly Brown is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Her adoption fee is $75 and you can apply to adopt her at Adoption fee: $75

Adoption fee: $75

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She may only be 4 lbs, but Jasmine’s personality matches her royal name. She expects her loyal subjects to learn her favorite spot to be scratched (hint: it’s the base of her tail) and respect her wishes once she decides she has received enough attention. She has spent the last 7 months cultivating her regal persona. Jasmine will reward her devoted fans by licking their fingers and toes. She is 100% litter box trained! Jasmine will not hesitate to inform her humans that she expects courtly entertainment along with the finest food available. She hopes her new owners will help show her that even royalty can be cuddled and held. Jasmine cannot wait to oversee her new queendom alongside her humans. Her adoption fee is $75 and she is a domestic shorthair. She is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Adoption fee: $75

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Bahgeera is 7 months’ worth and 4 pounds of pure kitten joy. He is a bit on the shy side but warms up quickly – especially when head scritches are involved. Bahgeera will periodically remind you of his charmed and adorable existence by greeting you with a soft meow. This fastidious little fellow’s hobbies include bathing his human’s fingers and toes and playing with his crinkle ball and cat tree! Bahgeera hopes his new owner will be patient with him to build his confidence and help him settle into his new home. He is learning how to cuddle and be held in order to be the best feline companion he can be. He is 100% litter box trained! Bahgeera hopes you will meet him soon! His adoption fee is $75 and he is a domestic shorthair. He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Adoption fee: $75

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This sweet girl has 9 years of experience in convincing grumpy dads that their lives would be improved with her in them. Jazzy loves spending time with her canine companions in her current foster home. She may be shy at first but once she warms up to you, she isn’t afraid to let you know how much she loves being cuddled! Watch out though, ladies—Jazzy will steal your man in a heartbeat. She prefers quiet days looking out the window over playing with toys. Jazzy will seek out belly rubs and make the cutest squeak to let you know just how much she loves the attention. She likes to follow her humans everywhere and appreciates her treats! She has adjusted quickly to house training in her foster home and will now whine to let you know when she needs to go out. Jazzy can’t wait to meet you... all 19 pounds of her. Her adoption fee is $200 and she is a mix of this and that. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm negative. You may apply to adopt Jazzy at

Adoption fee: $200

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