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Interested in our rescue pets? The process of adopting a pet from us is simple.

  1. Browse our Adoptable pets list.
  2. If you see one you’re interested in, click the button to apply for that pet.
  3. We will process your application.
  4. After you are approved, we will schedule a time for you and the pet to meet each other!
  5. In the event that you don’t choose the pet after all, you will still be an approved adopter and able to schedule other Meet & Greet sessions.
Our rescue is an all (unpaid) volunteer organization. For each application we receive it takes us approximately 3 hours to review, contact all personal and veterinary references, and make a decision on approval of it. Depending upon volunteer availability, this can take us several days to accomplish, especially when we receive many applications or if we have difficulties reaching references. Your patience is appreciated! If you don't see a pet that you are interested in right now, feel free to fill out an application and get pre-approved to reduce your wait time when you do see a pet you like.

Marky Mark

Marky Mark is an approximately 8 year old beagle mix who, yes, is the lead singer of Marky Mark and the Barky Bunch! Not to be confused with Mark Walberg from the Funky Bunch. If you do adopt Marky Mark you will have full access and backstage passes to every concert that they bark at. This will include bus access while touring which is filled with all the good vibrations. (For legal purposes, Barky Bunch's band member Hector "The Booty Inspector" only sniffs other dogs, humans will not be affected.) When he is not on tour, Marky Mark loves to stay at home laiiiiiid back (with his mind on his money and his money on his mind, of course). He loves his orthopedic doggie bed. He is house and crate trained. He is claustrophobic and does not like cars or tight spaces, so you must be willing to share all aspects of your bed with this pop star. He would be best with a house that is calm, such as no children; his nerves are shot from all that touring. Marky Mark is so worn out from being on tour, he just wants someone to relax and watch tv with, although an occasional stroll around the neighborhood to check out his groupies is appreciated. The cutest thing about him is his front paws are pointed outward due to a genetic deformity, but it doesn't stop him from shaking his thang! If you are interested, please apply at He comes fully vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. Adoption fee is 175 dollars. PS if you work for Calvin Klein, please stop calling us. Marky Mark only wears SilverPAW, thank you.

Adoption fee: $175

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Gypsy Rose

Hi! I am Gypsy Rose ?? and looking for a soul mate. I've done the dating scene but I am ready to find Mr. (or Ms.) Awesome so I can give someone everything I have for the rest of my life. I am a 3 year old, 67 pound, bully breed mix looking for love! I prefer athletic men, but I swing both ways, so both men and women may apply. I am a BIG kisser that enjoys affection, so if you dont like PDA, keep scrolling, honey! While I enjoy time to myself, I am a complete goofball that loves to play. I love going for walks, hikes, and even a run, especially with a buff fella that has skills like me. Maybe you could be my playmate? I love playing with other dogs but again, I am sturdy girl so bigger is better for this fit and active chick! As an added bonus, we can find time to snuggle afterwards, I love a good cuddle with a soft blanket and don't care at all about personal space. I am a bit of a neat freak. I like to keep myself clean and I will not be going on the floor. I prefer to do my business outdoors, thank you very much. My crate is a safe space for me. It is a great place for me to focus and find my center. Meditation is very important to me. Kids? Love them, cant get enough of them! Though we will have to adopt because this chica isn't having any babies. I prefer we adopt older kids though that aren't going to be knocked over when I am being silly. So if you are serious about being in a committed relationship with a passionate and loving lady, let's meet up so we can see if we could be the match we have both been dreaming of! One night stands need not apply. Apply to adopt this fun loving gal today at! I am spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative, and microchipped. My adoption fee is $200.00.

Adoption fee: $200

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Chloe is a very special cat who is still learning to trust people. She would welcome a home that offers her the patience she needs to adjust and understand her need to warm up to new surroundings on her own time. She will come out and even play with toys when she is comfortable. She is curious about the cats around her but it still too reserved to play with them, but will tell her how she feels if she feels caged in. She does love treats (this is the way to her heart!). Though Chloe only likes laying on you if you have a blanket on your lap (weird right? but true), she is really starting to enjoy being pet more and more, as long as her surroundings are quiet and calm and it's on her terms. She loves to walk around and rub against your legs to say hello. We believe Chloe to be a domestic short hair just a year old that is littler box trained. She is a tiny girl that gets spooked easily and will hide when she is unsure and tends to have her claws ready if she needs them! If you are looking for an independent companion and have the heart to help grow trust, then Chloe may be the girl for you. She definitely enjoys affection, she is just scared at times to receive it. You may apply to adopt Chloe at Her adoption fee is $75 and she is vaccinated, FIV and FELV tested negative, microchipped, and spayed. Many cats do well alone, but they often do great in pairs as well and can benefit from having a feline friend. Because of this, our adoption fees are $75 for one kitten or cat and $100 for two when adopted at the same time.

Adoption fee: $75

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Scooby Doo

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?! Here I am!! Meet Scooby Doo. Scooby is around 2 years old, weighs around 52lbs, and we believe him to be a Bully Breed, possibly mixed with a Shar Pei. This boy is such a love bug- he enjoys and welcomes belly rubs and pets. He also welcomes any and all playtimes. Scooby loves to play and LOVES his toys. Scooby is a great walker; he is fantastic on the leash and never pulls. He also loves car rides and will rest his head on your arm. Overall, he is the perfect travel companion! Scooby is also potty trained and comfortable using the doggy door. He also knows basic commands such as SIT and OFF. He is easily trainable, especially when treats or toys are involved! Scooby does have a bit of food and toy reactivity towards other dogs, so playtime with others should be food/toy free. We have to water down his kibble and/or give him wet, grain free, food due to his genetic condition, known as cutaneous mucinosis. Please research this illness prior to applying for him; his foster will be able to answer any questions you have! Scooby is looking for his Shaggy and/or Mystery Machine family! Could this be you? You may apply to adopt Scooby at Their adoption fee is $225 and is vaccinated, heartworm tested, microchipped and neutered.

Adoption fee: $225

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Are you looking for a whole lot of sweetness and a whole lot of fun?! Look no fuur-ther than 6 month old baby Bronx!! Bronx is ALL puppy right now. He loves to play, play, playall day! He loves all of his toys (chews, bones, etc) and sometimes forgets that not everything is a toy. We believe Bronx to be a Labrador Retriever mixed with who knows what (possibly pit bull) and anticipate him to be a big boy when grown- I mean, look at those paws!! Bronx is potty trained as long as he doesn't drink any water after 6:30pm and is good in his crate. He truly is as sweet as can be and loves EVERYONE he meets. Bronx is doing great around other dogs and just needs to work on some boundaries. Interested in cats, but is easily put in his place. He loves to play so much he forgets others may not share his enthusiasm. Bronx is still a puppy and will need some continued training but is extremely trainable. He may knock of little kids so a home with kids over 5 would probably be best. Bronx is patiently waiting for a home that is looking for a mixture of play and cuddles!! You may apply to adopt Bronx at His adoption fee is $260 and he is vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, and neutered.

Adoption fee: $260

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Introducing Biggie!! Biggie Smalls? Not so much- I don't think this Biggie has great rap game, BUT he is friendly, snuggly, and gives the best kisses! This 3 year old boy has had a rough start as he was chained outside for most of his life. He is a survivor of abandonment and is doing well because of a kind neighbor that looked out for him. He has adjusted wonderfully to being an inside member of the family. Biggie loves playing fetch and is known to take his favorite toy and treats into his crate to save them for later. Speaking of crate, Biggie loves his crate and likes when the door is left open so he can come and go as he pleases. He will also resource guard the toys in his crate and get an attitude towards other dogs at times, especially littles. So even though he does well with other dogs for the most part, especially when out and about, he would love to have his humans all to himself when at home. He walks great on a leash and loves rides in the car! Biggie is fully potty trained and has done well with older kids at events. He is a bit too curious about cats so a house without cats is probably better safe than sorry. He is absolutely a 53 pound dude's dude but bonds with anyone. If you are interested in Biggie, please go to He is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and neutered. His adoption fee is $235 and he is ready for his forever family.

Adoption fee: $235

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Don't let the name fool you: He may be Smalls, but he has the biggest heart. This pupper is a 3 years young brindle Staffshire Terrier. Since he spent majority of his life chained up outside, he makes sure to show you he's grateful for everything you do. This cuddly boy loves to be around his people, and gives out adorable little snores while sleeping in bed with you. Smalls enjoys going on walks, does well on his leash, and is a great patio companion. He is housebroken and is being crate trained. He gets excited and will jump some when you come home, but is easily redirected. Smalls enjoys his toys, playing with his dog and cat sisters, and chewing on his benebone, but he's just as happy hanging out under your desk while you work. Smalls does not discriminate. He loves cats, dogs, people, and if you let him, he will love you too! If you want to add Smalls to your family, please apply at Adoption fee is $235 which includes microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and neutered.

Adoption fee: $235

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Etta is a beautiful young woman with many interests. She loves exploring the outdoors on a harness and lead or under the supervision of her humans and doggie enforcers in the privacy fenced back yard. She loves to play, especially with her best canine friend Smalls, watch the world go by in her kitty tree, and snuggle. Another of her interests and possibly the most important is YOU! Etta is incredibly friendly, curious, and loving and enjoys being with her humans. So much so, she has picked up the nickname Carrie Underfoot. Her litterbox etiquette is wonderful, she likes to be held, doesn't mind belly rubs at all, and nail trims are easy/breezy with her. She REALLY loves canned food, so she will try to counter surf when food is involved, but she does take redirection well. If you add this sweetheart to your home, you will never be lonely! Etta is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $75. You can apply to adopt her at

Adoption fee: $75

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At approximately 17 years old, Mabel still has a lot of life to live. Mabel was rescued in November trying to keep warm under someones deck. She has a clean bill of health from the vet (minus bad teeth) and a strong heart! Mabel currently weighs around 8 pounds and we believe her to be a domestic short hair. Her arthritis in her feet slows her down a bit but she LOVES people and will follow you everywhere you go. Stairs are more difficult and her perfect home would probably be a ranch style or very few stairs. Mabel knows no stranger, she purrs constantly, and shows every day how thankful she is to be an indoor cat. Mabel is not a lap cat- she prefers to be on the floor next to you instead of on your lap. But if you have to pick her up she never makes a fuss! She has never once had an accident; she uses her litter box flawlessly and is not destructive to furniture at all! Mabel is on a low dose of Gabapentin nightly to help her relax and cut down on yowling in the middle of the night. Since being on this medication she is quiet most nights but will yowl occasionally. During the day if she wants attention she will yowl to say hey Im bored where is everyone?! but once she finds you shes quiet as a mouse. Her perfect home would be quiet with no stairs and an owner to love her for the rest of her days. You may apply to adopt Mabel at Their adoption fee is $75 and Mabel is vaccinated, FIV and FELV tested negative, microchipped and spayed. Many cats do well alone, but they often do great in pairs as well and can benefit from having a feline friend. Because of this, our adoption fees are $75 for one kitten or cat and $100 for two when adopted at the same time.

Adoption fee: $50

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Freya, Freya, Freya. Weighing in at around 6.8 pounds, this domestic medium hair kitty LOVES people. Freya is definitely a lap cat and enjoys being near her people. We believe Freya to be around 1 year old. She is doing great with using her litter box! She is also good about not taking over others' food. Freya will tolerate other animals but definitely holds her ground. Freya doesn't love the car right now and is hesitant when it comes to taking medicine- all things that can get better with time! You may apply to adopt Freya at Their adoption fee is $75 and Freya is vaccinated, FIV and FELV tested negative, microchipped and spayed. Many cats do well alone, but they often do great in pairs as well and can benefit from having a feline friend. Because of this, our adoption fees are $75 for one kitten or cat and $100 for two when adopted at the same time.

Adoption fee: $75

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Spring has sprung and Harlequinn is ready to frolic through the field with her new family! She is 3 years old and a crossbreed hound dog. Harlequinn is 58 pounds full of love and will make sure to show it. She's loyal and loves to stay by your side. The quickest way to her heart is with a good bone. She loves company so if you have other dogs in the house, she will become their friend. Unknown with cats at this time due to no exposure. She is house trained and crate trained. Harlequinn will need a family that will help her accomplish her goals to be leash trained and redirecting when she greets you. If you are interested in adding her contagious smile to your family, you can apply at Adoption fee is 210 dollars which includes microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and spayed.

Adoption fee: $210

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Courtney is a social butterfly and the life of the party! She's got energy to rival the Energizer Bunny and loves meeting humans, cats, and dogs alike! Courtney must have a Martingale collar due to her frenetic hijinks. Courtney came to her foster family with almost no training but is intelligent and a fast learner. She has learned most basic commands and is starting to do crate training. Courtney does well in the car and enjoys her trips to Rural King. Courtney is super affectionate and playful. If she gets frustrated, she will "talk" to let you know her displeasure. She is mostly house trained but will counter surf and dig in the trash if unsupervised so she needs a family that will continue to work on training her as she is still learning what is okay and what is not. Courtney is 35 pounds and would do great in a family with another dog and she loves kids. Courtney came to us heartworm positive, but has been treated for it. She's a Shepherd mix and about 2 years old. She is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $285. Apply to adopt her today at

Adoption fee: $285

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Confident, friendly, adventurous, chatty, and loving. These are just a few words to describe mama Mae! Mae knows no stranger and knows just what she wants. Mae is about a year old and we believe her to be a domestic long hair. Mae loves to chase the teaser wands and is a tree dweller. She loves to be up high in the cat tree, on the back of the chair, on the table, on the benchetc. Mae is a talker!! She walks around meowing all day and will have a full on conversation with you! Mae also likes to be held, enjoys brushing, & allows nail trims. She isnt bothered by any type of touching. Shed be happiest in a dog free home or in a home where the dog knows to let the cat be the queen that she knows she is! She is not afraid of the dog & will pursue the fight. Mae is litterbox trained. You may apply to adopt Mae at Their adoption fee is $75 and Mae is vaccinated, FIV and FELV tested negative, microchipped and spayed. Many cats do well alone, but they often do great in pairs as well and can benefit from having a feline friend. Because of this, our adoption fees are $75 for one kitten or cat and $100 for two when adopted at the same time.

Adoption fee: $75

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Don't let being blind fool you, Bumper has excelled in living life to his fullest potential! He has taken life's challenges and said not today! He is an approximately 12-year-old, brown & white, Shih Tzu. Bumper loves to get a good night's sleep. He is not afraid to chow down during dinner time. I bet his sniffer senses are advanced compared to other dogs. He doesn't mind being held and will let you know when he's ready to be put down so he can get his day started. You won't have to worry about a burglar, since his vision is gone, his hearing is always on high alert and will notify you. Bumper has been through a lot and is currently healing from stitches, neutering, and an ear infection. That doesn't prevent him though, he turns a ruff life into a fluff life! If you are interested in adding Bumper to your family, please apply at The adoption fee is $160 which includes microchip, neutered, heartworm negative, and up to date vaccinations.

Adoption fee: $160

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Yaphit may have had a rough start to life, but he's a total sweetheart once he gets to know you. He is cuddly and playful once he's determined he can trust you, and is a total lapdog. You can earn his love with a few treats and behind the ear scratches. Yaphit loves to play fetch with his small squeaky toys! Note: he may be a talker, but his actual mouth is really small! His foster family is helping him overcome the fear of walking outside and is going a little further each day without wanting to be picked up. He does need belly bands for inside the house as he works on potty training. Yaphit's ideal family would have a fenced in yard and another dog to befriend. He is good with cats and dogs and does not resource guard, though he may get a little growly in his crate. Yaphit would adore an adopter who talks to him like people. He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $285 and is thought to be a chihuahua/rat terrier mix. Apply to adopt him today at!

Adoption fee: $285

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Figaro, Figarooo, FIIIIIGAAAAARRRRROOOOO! Figaro wants you to sing his name for all to be heard! Okay, maybe not, but Figaro IS looking for his forever home (whether you can roll your "r's" or not). Figaro is the best litter box user you ever did meet and has done phenomenally with all his kitty foster siblings. He tends to hide from his doggy foster sibling so maybe is not a fan of dogs. Figaro is affectionate, loving and wants nothing but pets and even accepts being carried. Perhaps Figaro's best quality even is that he doesn't tend to knock over knick knacks like some kitties tend to do. Figaro is probably about three years old and will go home up to date on vaccinates, microchipped and neutered. If you think you can be Figaro's perfect family you can apply to adopt him at . Figaro's adoption fee is 75$, or you can bring him and a friend for him home for $100 for both!

Adoption fee: $75

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Contrary to his name and face, this is not a little bear cub up for adoption at Paw Patrol Dayton! He is named after the mighty grizzly bear but only because he is cute and fuzzy, not because he is prone to mauling. Also, unlike a bear, he does not crap in the woods. This little guy is already litter box trained. Bear loves playing with his sister but is very chill and mellow while not playing. He is soft as ever with longer hair coming in so we anticipate he will be a long haired bear. Did we also mention he is great at sharing? He is great at sharing food with a very hangry sister so we believe he will get along great with other kitties. So what do you say? Want to bring this little bear home to play? He is up to date on his vaccinations and is neutered. His adoption fee is $75 and you can apply to adopt him at Adoption fee: $75 Follow Bears story on our Facebook page.

Adoption fee: $75

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Bailey is such a cutie! Bailey is about a year old and full of kitten energy! Bailey is also full of love. Nothing is better to Bailey than cuddles, attention and love. Bailey is just looking for a warm place to snuggle from her new family. And delicious food - Bailey LOVES food. Bailey is litter box trained and ready to meet her forever fam! If you think you are Bailey's best friends you can apply to adopt her at . Bailey will go home spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. Bailey's adoption fee is $75 or you can adopt Bailey and another friend (or her brother!) for $100.

Adoption fee: $75

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Spunky is a 15 week old beautiful dachshund mix baby girl. She fits her name very well. S is for sweet, P is for playful, U is for unique, N is for noble, and Y is for yes shell become your best friend. She is looking for a family who loves to play whether it be toys or play outside! She is a big sweetheart and has a lot of love to offer. She has no problem going in her crate. She would be a great fit with another dog who can show her the ropes and become buddies with. If you would like to add Spunky to your family you can apply at Adoption fee is$360 and includes microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, and spayed.

Adoption fee: $360

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Have you seen or heard of the famous Doofensmertz?! Did you know he has the sweetest personality and is friendly to everyone he meets?! He loves playing with people and dogs, but dont get offended if he chooses a dog over you! He does prefer bigger dogs as he thinks smaller animals are food. It is also best that the other dog knows how to set limits as Doofensmertz could simply PLAY ALL DAY and would do best in an active family. Dont let a little whining when he goes in the crate deter you from this adorable doggo! He is smart and may even let you teach him a few tricks other than the ones he already knows (sit and down)! He also walks well on a leash and with consistency has been accident free! He is easily redirected when he thinks a shoe is a toy. He is weaned off his anxiety medications and sometimes walks with some stiffness in his leg, but otherwise an agile, playful boy! If Doofensmertz seems like the right fit for you, please go to He is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and neutered. Adoption fee is $260.00.

Adoption fee: $260

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Argos is a super sweet and easy going 5 month old puppy who is a little guy. He loves to be where his person is, either playing with toys at your feet or following you around. He will gladly jump into your lap, sometimes unexpectedly, when he wants pets. This charmer will give kisses upon request. He will go into the crate with treats but doesnt always like to be in there but will eventually settle down. Argos sleeps through the night, no accidents. He is mostly potty trained, he just needs to be shown where he is to go out so he can alert you. His zoomies and playing with toys often come with sound effects and may need a reminder to calm down. He does respond to redirection or correction and will thrive with the typical puppy training. He also sits like a champ. Argos is more of a recreational walker, stopping to sit and take in the sights. He loves to play with other dogs. Outside he chases birds, bugs and squirrels so I am guessing he would chase a cat, which he has never met. We might not know what kind of dog he is but he sure is a fun one that may be too much for some kids. Is Argos the sweet, playful, lovable dose of puppy goodness your house needs? Apply to adopt Argos at! He is microchipped, vaccinated, and neutered. His adoption fee is $335.

Adoption fee: $335

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