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Can’t foster or adopt? You can sponsor a dog and help save a precious life!

We couldn’t help all the dogs we do without you! Your generous donations are what make all things possible. If you’d like to donate for a specific dog in our care then please browse our dogs in need of sponsoring, and donate today!


Dozer was adopted as a puppy from a local shelter when he was 8 weeks old. As he continued to grow, it became apparent something was not right with his growth/progress. Dozer is now 10 months old and although he showed signs of a problem, he was not taken to the vet. The shelter where he was adopted has refused to take him back because of his medical issues. We feel all dogs deserve a chance, so we didn’t hesitate to take him in and try to figure out what was going on. He spent the day at one of our amazing vets yesterday, Northridge Animal Clinic, where he was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia, arthritis, and slipping elbows/shoulders. Basically, he is a genetic nightmare. We are going to see about trying some therapy, in conjunction with his pain meds, to see if his condition can improve at all. Please stay tuned for videos and posts about Dozer’s progress.

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Edith is a senior who has a lot of love to give and deserves a soft place to lay for the rest of her days. This sweetheart is slow moving and might have a bit of dementia… but that’s what makes her so special. She is both house and crate trained and walks pretty well on a leash. Edith does fine with other dogs and cats. Her age is definitely catching up to her though as she has both hearing and vision loss. She will need to stay on Glucomsamine, Rimadyl, and CBD oil to help her stay comfortable.

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Hope is a Boston Terrier mix that has torn ACLs and other issues. Despite her pain and suffering, she is a sweet pup who loves to shower you with kisses! Unfortunately, surgery is not really an option for her so she has been officially admitted to our hospice program. Please donate to support Hope!

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Poor Pumpkin is a Shar Pei mix who has not been treated well! She came to us both lyme and heartworm positive and riddled with fleas. Sadly she has also been diagnosed with lung cancer and cancer around her knee joint that is growing. Pumpkin could have as little as 4 months or as much as 3 years left with us. How much time is uncertain… but one thing we do know is that this sweet and gentle girl is already completely spoiled rotten by her devoted foster and will continue to be loved on until her last breath.

We believe Pumpkin, and others like her, deserve to live out their days in a warm and loving home. They should not be euthanized alone in a cold shelter. Pumpkin still loves life and blesses all who meet her. Hospice care can be costly and Pumpkin needs your support to help cover her medical care. We thank you for giving Pumpkin the life she deserves in her final days!

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The Dude

Little Joey Dude is a hospice foster that is as sweet and loving as can be. He has a patient and giving personality and even though he is not well… he is at peace. His congestive heart failure (CHF) makes him sleep a lot so laying around and relaxing is his top priority. This poor little chihuahua has bad eyes that cause him some pain but still loves to be held. Joey Dude cannot bark or howl, although he tries from time to time resulting in little squeaks and chirps that make everyone smile. Joey doesn’t have much time left with us. He takes quite a few meds and has a foster family that is determined to keep him safe, comfortable and happy as long as he shall live. He is spoiled daily by eating in bed and getting human treats whenever he wants.

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