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Can’t foster or adopt? You can sponsor a pet and help save a precious life!

We couldn’t help all the pets we do without you! Your generous donations are what make all things possible. If you’d like to donate for a specific pet in our care then please browse our pets in need of sponsoring, and donate today!


Luzie is a senior girl who recently found herself in the county shelter. We couldn't possibly leave her there, so now she is in a loving foster home being pampered as every senior dog should be.

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This sweet senior girl was taken from a horrible home who neglected her for a long time. She is vision impaired, heartworm positive, has awful demodex skin infections, and mammary tumors, is extremely emaciated, and appears to have been used as a breeding machine. She has a long road to recovery, but she will never have to suffer in the house of horrors she came from again!

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Dozer was adopted as a puppy from a local shelter when he was 8 weeks old. As he continued to grow, it became apparent something was not right with his growth/progress. Dozer is now 10 months old and although he showed signs of a problem, he was not taken to the vet. The shelter where he was adopted has refused to take him back because of his medical issues. We feel all dogs deserve a chance, so we didn’t hesitate to take him in and try to figure out what was going on. He spent the day at one of our amazing vets yesterday, Northridge Animal Clinic, where he was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia, arthritis, and slipping elbows/shoulders. Basically, he is a genetic nightmare. We are going to see about trying some therapy, in conjunction with his pain meds, to see if his condition can improve at all. Please stay tuned for videos and posts about Dozer’s progress.

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Grandma Gertie

Grandma Gertie is a senior girl who definitely needed saving. She has severe spinal stenosis and is no longer weight bearing on her rear legs, so she has to drag herself everywhere. She also tested positive for lyme and ehrlichia and had horrible ear infections. She is now in the care of a foster spending her days lounging on orthopedic beds, getting taken for walks in the wagon, and eating lots of yummy treats.

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Jerry Lewis

Jerry is a senior dog who found himself in a rural shelter. He doesn't see or hear great, but he still has some spunk in him. He saw the vet and although his bloodwork was good overall, he has no teeth, impaired vision and hearing, and spends most of his days sleeping. We will keep him in our hospice program and give him all the love he deserves for as long as he has left!

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