Volunteer of the Month

August 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Avery

If only we all were as ambitious and amazing as our August volunteer of the month, the world would certainly be a better place!! Avery, and her family, spend their time volunteering to be fosters for homeless dogs that make it to our rescue. Here is a bit about Avery:

My name is Avery Obrien and I am 15 years old. This year I will be a freshman at alter high school. I ride horses, cheer, and play volleyball! I competitively ride horses and this year I am third in the state! For my previous horse show this weekend I got two firsts! I am the youngest of four so my house is always crazy! My parents are divorced but we are all a very close family. I was very interested in PPD because I’ve always been involved with animals. Growing up I’ve had every kind of animal you could imagine (my parents were saints) we had hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, ferrets, bunnies, ducks, horses, etc. I currently have three dogs two are German shepherds mixed with standard poodles and the other one is a cavachon. My sister has two dogs and my other sister has a cat. I was so excited to hear about PPD because of my love and experience of animals:) We cannot say thank you enough to Avery and her family for opening their hearts and home to these animals in need.

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