Volunteers of the Month

December 2023 Volunteers of the Month - The Bretz Family

In the final month of 2023, we want to say a giant thank you to the Bretz family. The whole family is very involved in fostering kitties and saving lives and we are so thankful for people like them! Read a bit about them here:

The Bretz Family is made up of Mark, Rion, Josselyn and Avory. Mark and Rion have been married for 18 years, JoJo is 15 and Avory is 7. We all pitch in with caring for our fosters. We decided to foster because we saw a great need for temporary homes and although we aren't able to keep anymore pets, we are able to offer a loving short-term home.

We have two “pound puppies”, 13-year-old Copper is a boxer/husky mix and Ellie is 9 and is believed to be a schnauzer/french bulldog mix. We also fell in love with one of our fosters and adopted the sweet kitty, Meredith Grey. There are also a mix of geckos and a hamster in our home. We love animals!

Thank you so much for all you do, Bretz family!

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