Volunteers of the Month

February 2023 Volunteer of the Month - Haley and Kyle

This month we want to say a huge thank you to Haley and Kyle for their hard work since they joined the Paw Patrol family last year. They have jumped in with both feet, fostering many cats and kittens in a short time and we truly appreciate all their work. Learn a bit about this awesome couple here:

We are both from the Atlanta, GA area. We met while working at an eat-in theater and have been together for 8 years. Kyle is a pediatrician and is in the Air Force. I currently work at a vet office as a receptionist but hope to become a vet assistant or something similar.

We started fostering dogs 4 or 5 years ago. Kyle had never had a pet before and I have always had animals. It was fun learning and growing as pet parents so we decided to continue fostering after our move to OH.

We have 3 pets ourselves. Kingsley, our dog, is 10 years old and LOVES cats. Asher and Ridge, our cats, are siblings that we’ve had since they were 4 weeks old. They turn 2 in March. In the fall we are expecting our first baby.

We found Paw Patrol Dayton through tons of research on fostering opportunities. It’s a similar set up to our organization in GA, but rescued dogs and cats. We decided to switch things up and try our hand at cats. We miss dogs; however, cats fit with our current schedules.

No matter what life brings to us, fostering has become something we are proud of. It’s an experience that brings us joy!

Thank you both so much for all the animals you have saved, both in Ohio and Georgia!

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