Volunteer of the Month

July 2020 Volunteer of the Month - Cara

July’s volunteer of the month is Cara! Cara does behind the scenes work on our website and processing applications. Below she talks about why she decided to volunteer with Paw Patrol Dayton:

"I have always loved all animals as I was raised by an animal lover. My mom is a dog groomer and also boards on occasion so not only did we have our own dogs but I met so many every single day from a young age. Dogs were never just pets to me, they were family. This was solidified when at a very young age our family dog saved me from choking, yes, choking! I had swallowed a piece of hard candy and he ran into my chest, giving me the Heimlich maneuver. That sounds like a made-up story but it happened and I have felt indebted to dogs ever since.

A couple years ago, I hit a rough point in my life so I decided to get involved and that is when I found Paw Patrol Dayton. I went to a volunteer meeting and was immediately inspired by the amazing volunteers and the mission. Also, I am very busy so I was excited about all the behind the scenes opportunities that are available.

Everyone is so welcoming and sweet even though we mostly interact online, I have never felt more accepted into a community of people! It is also nice to have a place where dog lovers can connect and talk about dogs, which is one of my favorite subjects 🙂

I am excited to explore new volunteer opportunities with Paw Patrol and eventually foster one day once I have a place that is more suitable to do so. I appreciate everything Paw Patrol does and am so happy to be apart of it! "

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