Volunteer of the Month

July 2023 Volunteer of the Month - Becca

During the dog days of summer, we are especially grateful for those who spend time they could be doing other things helping animals. Becca is one of those wonderful people and our featured volunteer of the month for July. Becca spends her time helping us write fun and imaginative bios for the animals in our care. Here is a bit about Becca in her own words:

“Hi, my name is Becca. I am originally from Buffalo, NY but have lived majority of my life in the Dayton and Beavercreek areas. For as long as I can remember, I have always been an animal person. If you put me in a room full of people, and I see an animal, I will leave a conversation to go snuggle and play!

I grew up with dogs and cats, of a variety of breeds. It wasn’t until I met my now husband, that I got to experience the joy of adopting/rescuing my first dog. When my husband and I moved in together, we knew we would eventually get a dog together. What we did not anticipate was how much rescuing our then pup, Archie, would bring us together and truly make us a family. We adopted Archie when he was 2 years old and got to have 6 years full of love with him, until he passed. This past September, we decided we were ready to adopt again and our girl Millie has brought so much joy into our lives.

It has been incredibly rewarding to bring these beautiful fur babies into our lives and provide one another with immense love. When you provide patience, love, stability, and safety- amazing things can happen.

I always have had a love for volunteering and followed Paw Patrol’s posts frequently on Facebook. I decided a few years ago that I needed to give back and help support finding animals loving homes in any way I can. Fast forward to now, and I get the joy of writing bios. I love bio writing because it gives me the opportunity to be creative and really get to know these dogs and cats. I am so grateful for Paw Patrol and all they do for the community. I am honored to volunteer with them and to be July’s Volunteer of The Month!”

Thank you so much, Becca, for your selfless dedication to help us find great homes for our babies!

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