Volunteers of the Month

May 2024 Volunteer of the Month - Miranda

We are so thankful for our wonderful volunteers and Miranda is no exception 😊 This month, we want to highlight a little about her and how thankful we are she volunteers her time with us. Here is a bit about Miranda in her own words:

I enjoy reading any animal related books and doing diamond paintings, as well as collecting chihuahua and dachshund decor. I also LOVE helping others organize - it totally helps refocus my mind. I foster with another rescue, as well as volunteer with Paw Patrol, because in 2021 I lost my soul chihuahua who was also my trained service animal, and when she passed I promised to honor her life by trying to help as many animals in need as I possibly could. Since she dedicated her entire life to me, I owed this to her.

As a volunteer I do follow up calls and help with taking pet food and spay/neuter applications to others who need it. I send out membership packs to those who donate to Paw Patrol, I make dog treats for special events, help to organize the garage from time to time, and I have been working on finding other resources to partner with. Just this year, I raised over $100 partnering with Dayton Pet Care in their dog easter egg hunt. I also spend all 3 days from start to finish at the annual yard sale.

I enjoy my role and find satisfaction and comfort in helping the voiceless. In the future I hope to be able to foster some of the tiniest pups that we get or even some medical cases and maybe even open my home to some litter of kittens.”

Thank you for all you do, Miranda! You are very appreciated!

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