Volunteer of the Month

October 2023 Volunteer of the Month - Eleanor

Please join us in saying a big thank you to Eleanor, our October volunteer of the month. Eleanor is a previous adopter of a Paw Patrol pup and once her little one was settled in, she decided to give back by fostering other dogs in need. We are always so thankful when people like Eleanor are willing to give back by helping others!!! She jumped right in with her first foster dog, who ended up having all kinds of unforeseen medical issues, but Eleanor took it all in stride. She worked and worked until sweet little Beatrice was healthy and adoptable and then decided to foster another puppy. Here is a bit about Eleanor in her own words,

“I have always wanted to save homeless dogs and joining Paw Patrol as a foster was the answer. Retirement has allowed me the time to make my dream come true. I knew Paw Patrol was a stable group after adopting my dog, Nala (previously Candace) last year. As an adopter, I went to several functions and learned more about the organization.

Since June when I picked up my first foster dog, Beatrice, I have learned a lot! She has had health issues and is finally able to be listed for adoption. I can’t thank Anna and Brandi for their assistance with my learning curve. I look forward to fostering more dogs to get them into their “forever” homes!”

We are so glad Eleanor decided to take a leap of faith and join the Paw Patrol family. Thank you so much for all you have done and will continue to do!

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