Volunteer of the Month

April 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Jeni

This month we want to say a big thank you to Jeni, one of our volunteers, who has just recently taken her first adventure into fostering. Jeni is the person who mails out our DNA kits to everyone that purchases them, as well as helping us conduct adoption follow-ups. She is now fostering her first kitty for Paw Patrol, Dorian, a stray she found and wanted to help. She has also helped with transport and delivering/picking up supplies. Basically, she is an awesome volunteer willing to do what she can to help the animals! Here is a little more about Jeni:

"I have always loved animals and since my parents and I moved nearly every year while I was growing up, we were somewhat limited to having too many pets. I tended to take in all of the rodents no one else wanted, and in Georgia we took in a severely abused and hairless dog that the vet advised us to put to sleep. That dog ended up travelling with us for 14 years and 12 states and was the one stable thing in my life. As an adult, I ended up in Ohio and have bounced between careers working with animals or plants for mainly non-profit organizations. I now work as a horticulturist, but continue to volunteer to help animals in need. I like PPD because there are so many different ways to help and everyone is a volunteer. Even if you are not able to foster an animal, there are lots of other ways to help that will fit your lifestyle.""

Thanks again for all you do, Jeni!

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