Volunteers of the Month

May 2021 Volunteers of the Month - Jeremy and Sotheavy

For our May volunteers of the month, we want to feature a special couple, Jeremy and Sotheavy. They are one of the nicest couples you could ever meet and have chosen to dedicate their time and open their home to fostering pups with us. They share a love of travelling, adventuring, and animals, so it was no surprise to those who know them when they began volunteering with Paw Patrol. When the pandemic hit, their traveling adventures turned into fostering adventures!

Sotheavy says “It’s been an exciting journey and our hearts are full from the amazing dogs we have been able to work with.”

Both of their furry family members were rescues and they want to emphasize the resilience and capacity for forgiveness these babies have. They are providing similar opportunities to other wonderful souls by opening up their home to fostering, and we could not be more happy they chose us to do it with!

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