Volunteer of the Month

April 2022 Volunteer of the Month - Kerry

April brings with it the promise of warm weather and great things to comeā€¦..and one of those things we are so grateful for is the help of amazing volunteers like Kerry! She has jumped into our Paw Patrol family with both feet after deciding to check us out in 2021. She fosters dogs and cats, helps with transports and fundraisers, and is an all-around team player with anything anyone needs. Here is a bit about Kerry and why she chose to volunteer her time with us:

Kerry's original plan for retirement was to sell everything she owned, buy a cool RV and live the nomad life with a dog and a cat starting in September of 2020 (cannot have too many in an RV)! When an eye disease diagnosis in February of 2020 precluded driving a multi-ton vehicle with reduced eye sight, she decided to buy a house again and create her own menagerie. So, in April of 2020 (little did we know what was going to happen then!) she bought a house and started looking for the dogs and cats who would call to her. Now she has 4 little dogs (including two mama puppy mill survivors) and 2 cats from Tenth Life. Kerry fostered with groups before in Cleveland and Beavercreek and when she saw Facebook posts from Paw Patrol, decided to check it out.

Paw Patrol is the most organized and efficient rescue group she has ever worked with. The rules make it easier on foster parents, and because everything is provided by the rescue for the foster parents she can afford to foster on her lowly fixed income. Paw Patrol also educates the foster parents and anyone can foster under their guidance. Professional education and dog training is available and no foster parent is left on their own. Fostering and helping Paw Patrol in any way that she can has become an important part of her daily life and she just wishes that she had a bigger house to take on more animals!

Thank you so much, Kerry! You are such an amazing member of the team!

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