Volunteer of the Month

December 2020 Volunteer of the Month - Jessi

During this final month of 2020, we want to give a big shout out to Jessi, our volunteer of the month. In the midst of the pandemic, Jessi took over our monthly newsletter, as well as additional email blasts to our followers. She has helped at a variety of events and is always willing to do what she can when we need her. In her own words, here is a little bit about Jessi and why she volunteers her time at Paw Patrol Dayton:

“I have always had a tender heart for animals of any kind and have always wanted to help them to the best of my ability. I have learned in the past I am a “foster failure” (three dogs and two cats to be exact) so I do my best to assist with ‘behind the scenes’ needs. Design work, newsletters, events or an extra pair of hands if the rescue needs it, I am happy to pitch in whenever my crazy work schedule allows it.

My daughter was raised to cherish animals and now volunteers to assist abandoned cats and feral colonies in the Dayton area, so I feel very proud that my love of animals has been passed down to the next generation. There are so many animal causes, but my heart is with senior/older pets that tend to get overlooked for adoption, as well as pitties that can’t seem to escape prosecution. (Save a pitbull, euthanize a dog fighter!) I am proud to work with Paw Patrol Dayton and always so happy to see a deserving furbaby find their forever home through the collaborative efforts of all the volunteers in the group.”

Thank you for all you and your family do, Jessi!

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