Volunteer of the Month

January 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Robin

To start off 2021, we would like to share our January volunteer of the month, Robin, who has been volunteering with us for quite a few years now. Her main efforts involve transporting dogs either by picking them up from the shelter and transporting them to their safe foster home, or helping us get foster dogs to and from the vet. Both of these activities are crucial to us an an organization and we cannot survive without wonderful people like Robin, volunteering their time to help us help animals. Here is a bit about Robin, in her own words:

"Hello my name is Robin. I grew up in Yellow Springs with an animal saving & loving mother. We always had a wide range of creatures in the house; from my pet rats, orphaned or injured birds, a chinchilla, you name it. My mother was the one to call if you didn’t know what to do with an orphaned or injured animal. After moving out I had my fair share of cats for pets, but never dogs- due to pet policies in apartment living. Let’s fast forward - after moving to Dayton with my amazing, hard-working husband, and raising my only child, my duties of being a needed mom came to an end. My kid went off to college, and thrived all by themself! So Without my kiddo in the house, I missed the many things we did together. I really didn’t know what to do with myself; I struggled with the empty nest syndrome. I became somewhat depressed, and had too much time on my hands. I needed to be needed.. So I adopted two older shelter dogs from Columbus, both who had a traumatizing past and needed saved. Having them has helped me feel purpose, a reason to go for walks, a reason to smile, even just a reason to snuggle and rest!

I started following Paw Patrol Dayton on Facebook not long after adopting my dogs. I couldn’t help but admire this non- profit and all their hard work! The thing I like about Paw Patrol is that as a volunteer I’ve been able to choose when and what I can help with. My favorite thing is offering my time to pick up dogs and transfer them to their fosters. It feels great driving away from the shelters, and thinking about what a great life this pup has ahead of them. If it wasn't for my struggle with social anxiety -I would be volunteering much more. It’s been a privilege to spend time with all the dogs that I’ve transferred so far, and I hope that I have been a comfort to them on our trips together. In the end- I have to add how much I admire Brandi from Paw Patrol, and I’m so glad to help whenever I can!!"

We are so happy to have Robin be a member of our team and hope she continues to do so for many years to come!

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