Volunteer of the Month

December 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Sherri

This month we want to take the time to thank Sherri, a foster and volunteer who joined us earlier this year. Sherri dove right into fostering and has learned so much already. She is a wonderful addition to our Paw Patrol family and we are so glad she decided to join us. A little about Sherri:

I am a single mom who is now an empty nester. My son is my angel and always my focus. Now that I am not needed daily for him I had to decide where to put my attention. I have worked in the health field for 30 years in physical therapy and almost 20 years as a massage therapist also. I was introduced to Paw Patrol from a friend of mine through her Facebook shares and one day there was a post about becoming a foster. I signed up and went to meeting and the rest is history. I just started this year. I have had 7 Fosters and each of them hold a special place in my heart. Even though it is extremely hard to let them go, I am so excited and a proud temporary momma to these special souls. I feel very honored to be given the opportunity to cherish these angels and help them find their forever families and live their best lives!

Thanks again, Sherri, for all your hard work!!

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