Volunteers of the Month

January 2024 Volunteer of the Month - Yesenia

The start of the new year brings many things to be thankful for….and top of our list is January’s volunteer of the month, Yesenia! She is a wonderful foster home for our kitties and we are so thankful she reached out to us for assistance when she became aware of a kitten in a bad home. She fostered that kitten for us and has continued to do so. Here is a bit about Yesenia, in her own words:

“I wish I can help every single homeless pet I see on the street, but I can't afford to keep them all and looking for a good home is also not easy, so by volunteering as a foster, I feel that I can help on recovering their health and well-being so they have the best chance to get a forever home.”

We are so thankful for Yesenia and other fosters like her that open their hearts and homes to animals in need!

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