Volunteer of the Month

June 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Cayla

This month we want to say a giant thank you to Cayla, one of our most active volunteers! She started working with us about a year ago and has jumped right into so many different things – bio writing, processing applications, follow ups, and so much more! We are so grateful to have Cayla on our team. Here is a little about her:

Cayla loves to fill her free time with a variety of passions and hobbies. When she's not reading books, you can find her hiking, frequenting events in the community, or practicing yoga. Her love for animals runs deep and she is always looking to learn more about them. In addition to her efforts volunteering with Paw Patrol, she is also affiliated with Wildlife Emergency Services Team (WEST), a group of volunteers dedicated to rehabilitating orphaned or injured wildlife. Cayla loves working with Paw Patrol because she wants everyone who is looking for a pet to consider adoption. She will be looking for a furry friend of her own soon, but until then she is happy to help animals through her volunteering.

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