Volunteer of the Month

September 2020 Volunteer of the Month - Mariah

This month we are choosing to say a giant thank you to the Whisenhunt family for their dedication to helping dogs. Although they are newer to our organization, they jumped right in with both feet by offering to take a pregnant mama dog. After she and her puppies were adopted, they have continued fostering other dogs and being a wonderful asset to our Paw Patrol family. A bit about the Whisenhunt's:

"After years of having at least 1, but sometimes 5 dogs, running around the house when all the kids were home, we found ourselves dog-less. Steve, myself, and our youngest daughter, Maddie, agreed that we didn't like it. We learned about Paw Patrol during the shut down and wanted to get involved because it seemed like too many incredible dogs ended up in shelters. We loved the idea of giving some of those dogs a place in our home while they waited to get connected with their forever families. Our family motto is 'It's all about the experience' and so far this has been a wonderful one."

Paw Patrol and all the dogs says a giant thank you to the Whisenhunt's for opening their home to those in need!

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